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​​The Australian Heritage Motor Museum is home to a varied  collection of Cars.
Some of the cars are imported, others were manufactured here in Australia.  
Over 30 cars make up the collection which spans the classic,vintage and veteran eras.  
Exhibits provide entertaining information for the car enthusiast and car friendly fan alike.
Enjoy the resource centre and explore the different sections which give you some more information and fun facts about our trusty motor cars.
 We always try to get it right and research our facts however if you find an error or would like to add a comment please feel free to contact us.
​​Interesting Museum Info
  • The collection started in 1986
  • The first car in the collection was a 1962 AP3 Chrysler Royal
  • That car is still in the collection today
  • The first full restoration was carried out in 1988
  • The cost of the chassis off/ bare metal resto was $1,900.00
  • That car was later sold to a lady doctor for her collection.
  • That sale funded the first bulk purchase of four cars from a collector in Kingaroy.


Our Volunteers are helping to preserve Australia's unique driving history
  1. Kev
    Talents - Moving exhibits, fixing Stuff and all round good guy.
  2. Helen
    Talents - Winning prizes in her V8 Torana. Keeping the blokes organised, and admin type stuff.
  3. David
    Talents - Keeping up to date with all things Ute Muster. Sorting through and archiving our Book, Magazine and Brochure collection.